Important Information Regarding Our 2020–2021 School Year

Please refer to the information below to assist you and your family as you make decisions about your child’s education.

A Message from Our Superintendent

Dear Students, Parents/Guardians, and Community Members, 

Welcome to Fremont County School District #2 and our district website. It is an honor and privilege to serve as superintendent of schools in this wonderful place, Dubois, Wyoming.

In the Dubois community, we take pride in our small-town cowboy ethics, our excellent quality of life, and the success of our local school. Our district stands committed to supporting each child as they achieve their best, and we recognize that strong schools are the foundation of a strong community.

We believe in the extraordinary potential of all our students and their unique, individual needs. Our work together requires teamwork, dedication, and collaboration. That collaboration extends beyond our school district staff and students to the entire community.

The year 2020 has been difficult for our entire community, as our daily life changed so dramatically from what we could have imagined as we began the year. It is important to recognize that we have not all faced challenges in the same way, so we must be ready to show empathy and patience as we begin the process of reopening our schools this fall.

As superintendent of Fremont County School District #2, I would ask you to partner with us to determine the role our schools can play in helping our community stay well, stay strong, and stay together.


Martha Gale

Martha (Marty) Gale, Superintendent