Fremont County School District No. 2
Fremont County School District No. 2
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Staff Resources

As a staff member of Fremont County School District, we know you are busy with the teaching and care of our students. You can find the resources you need to do your job more effectively right here.

Classified Time Sheets

Leave Slips


  1. Leave Request: Initiated by employee
    • Send to building principal
    • Drivers send to Denny
  2. Review:  By Building Principal
    • Send to superintendent
    • If not approved, leave slip will be returned to employee
  3. Substitute: Search/Absence log performed by building secretary
  4. Review: By superintendent
    • Send to Payroll, copy returned to employee.
    • If not approved, leave slip will be returned to building/employee
  5. Payroll
    • Benefit hours deducted from employee leave balance hours and displayed on paycheck
    • Leave request filed for accreditation/audit


  • If requesting professional leave, accreditation/WDE audit requires the leave request to match a completed Travel Request with Summary.
  • If requesting sick leave or other emergency leave, the employee may complete the process after-the-fact.
  • If a leave request has been processed through the superintendent’s office that matches the leave documented on the timesheet or building absence log, we will request that the employee submit a leave request after-the-fact.

Field Trip Process

As you plan a field trip for your students, be sure to plan ahead to leave enough time for you to acquire the needed approvals.

  1. Receive approval from your building administrator
  2. Contact Transportation at least two weeks in advance to check for availability (ext. 5540)
  3. Complete a travel request form
  4. Submit a staff leave request, if applicable
  5. Complete a field trip permission form or notify parents/guardians of local field trip
  6. Contact the school nurse for a first-aid kit and student medical information