Fremont County School District No. 2

Safe Schools

Crisis Guide for Parents

There are many responders in a school emergency including police, fire and medical, teachers, staff, and parents. While parents are not on site during a school emergency, here is information that can make you a powerful partner in protecting the safety and wellbeing of our students and staff.

We have put together resources to help you navigate the worry that comes along with school safety and crisis response. We are grateful for a supportive community because we believe that safe schools and a safe community is important to every student, employee, family, and residents of Dubois.

Thank you for your partnership in this work.

Crisis Procedures At School

Possible Responses to a Crisis Situation at FCSD#2
Lockdown: What Can You Do?
After a Lockdown or Drill: Talk to Your Child

Crisis Events Outside Our Schools

There are crisis events that happen in another part of town, in another community, or even outside of Wyoming or the United States. Whether it’s a school shooting, natural disaster, or other major event, these tragedies can have a profound effect on children, teenagers, and their families. Parents play a critical role in helping children and teenagers to process these traumatic events in a way that is healthy and productive. Here are some valuable resources to help your child deal with trauma, including tragedies that are being reported in the news.

Picking Up Your Child After a Crisis

Some emergencies may require us to change our pick-up procedures for families. If you are instructed to pick up a child at school or a family reunification site, please bring a photo identification card. The identification card will help speed up the process and ensure that students get to the correct parent/guardian. A school district official will notify you of pick-up changes using an official district communication tool (email, text message, and/or phone call) if such changes are needed.

If someone else is sent to pick up your child, be sure that they are listed on the school’s records as an authorized individual and that he or she has photo identification. For the safety of all, we will only release students to an authorized adult who provides appropriate identification at the time of pick up.