Fremont County School District No. 2

Advisory Committees and Communication

Fremont County School District #2 believes that effective communication among and between employees of the district, school board members, and other stakeholders including students and parents is essential for the district to carry out its purpose and direction. Good communication is necessary for the safety, well-being, and education of all children. Furthermore, the effectiveness of FCSD#2 as an organization and the efficiency of its operations are dependent on effective communication, stakeholder involvement, and transparency.

Parent and Community Advisory Committees

Dubois K-12 School maintains a parent advisory committee (PAC). The purpose of this committee is to involve parents with the continuous school improvement process. The parent advisory committee also facilitates stakeholder input with building-level improvement efforts. In addition, the superintendent maintains a community advisory group. The superintendent uses this network when seeking system-level stakeholder input.

Communications with the Community

Fremont County School District #2 provides frequent and ongoing communication with the community. These are our regularly occurring communications with the community:

  • District websites
  • Annual back-to-school night
  • Notices and ads in the local newspaper
  • Annual student performance report published in the local newspaper (Policy KD/KB)
  • Notifications of special board meetings and public hearings
  • All job vacancies/postings
  • Parent and community advisory committee meetings
  • Superintendent/board brown bag lunch meetings
  • Never sweat recreation board meetings
  • FCSD#2 adult education advisory board meetings
  • Regional BOCES and BOCHES meetings

In addition to these regularly occurring communications, the district is involved in meetings with the local planning commission, Fremont County, and with other community-based organizations on an as-needed basis. The district makes every effort to have a representative attend whenever the district is invited to a meeting or event within the community. Furthermore, the district maintains a positive relationship with the Dubois Frontier. The Dubois Frontier provides coverage of nearly all extracurricular activities and major events that happen in the district.

The district conducts an annual constituency meeting in May of each school year to seek input on each federal program under the consolidated grant. The district provides stakeholders with an overview of each federal program and an input form on which they write their thoughts and ideas relating to the allocation of resources under each of the federal programs. The district uses this feedback to finalize the consolidated grant application for the upcoming school year.