Fremont County School District No. 2

Employee Benefit Resources

Fremont staff will find what they’re looking for as quickly as possible with the information on this page. From insurance to retirement benefits, it’s all here.

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Retirement & Insurance Plans

WRS Info:

Wyoming Retirement System
FCSD#2 is happy to be able to contribute 14.315% of an eligible participating employee's gross salary to a WRS account. FCSD#2 employees contribute 2.305%, for a total contribution of 16.62%.

WRS Pension Plan Information
After obtaining 48 months of service, you are eligible to elect a monthly benefit at retirement age. We calculate your months of service based on actual hours an employee has worked. The 48 months of service do not have to be consecutive months.

Rehired Retirees:
Following a bona fide break in service (at least 30 days), if you return to work for a participating employer in this plan and have been hired to fill a vacant full-time position of a regular contributing employee, you are considered a "rehired retiree."

WRS Forms

Health Care Plans
As an employee, you are allowed to change plans during an open enrollment in December of each year for FCSD2 or as determined by WSBAIT due to Affordable Care Act or plan changes or if you experience a qualifying event as defined by the plan document.