Fremont County School District No. 2
Fremont County School District No. 2
Fremont County School District Scenic View
Group of Fremont Students Outdoors
Fremont Students in Strong Pose Outdoors
Fremont Students in Strong Pose On Tree Branch
Fremont Student Smiling
Fremont Student Outdoors for Science Class

Fremont County School District

Welcome to the online home of Fremont County School District. We are a small district of one K–12 school, Dubois School. And though we only serve 150 students, we are big on success and academic support for all. We are located in Dubois, Wyoming, about an hour from Yellowstone National Park. Our surroundings provide one of the best natural habitats for our students to learn about science, the environment, and living in concert with the resources available to us.

We invite you to learn more about our district and our school. We are certain you’ll find our curriculum rigorous and our teachers highly qualified and helpful. We have a lot going on in our small town! Welcome!

A Message from Our Superintendent

Dear Parents and Students,

What a joy and honor it is to be superintendent of Fremont County School District #2!

The joy comes from being part of a small, K–12 campus experience where I get to see the best and brightest everyday—the students of Dubois Schools. It’s great to look into bright faces and converse about pets and siblings, hopes and dreams, frustrations and sorrows. I can participate in everyday talk about school with its ups and downs.

The honor comes from being able to work alongside teachers patiently explaining how and why volcanoes erupt, why written communication needs to be clear and concise, and how a math formula can be used in real life! I see teachers and support staff working hard for each student, because they realize that at Dubois K–12 school, they really CAN make a difference.

Our FCSD#2 team, comprised of teachers, custodians, secretaries, paraeducators, food service employees, support staff, bus drivers, administrators, board members, and others, is ready to help you understand the value of an education, inspire you to be the best you can be, and empower you to become a successful contributor in our community.

You are welcome in my office anytime. The door is always open!


Martha Gale

Martha (Marty) Gale, Superintendent