Fremont County School District No. 2
Fremont County School District No. 2
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Community Advisory Group

Shared decision making positively impacts student achievement. We formed our Community Advisory Group (CAG) to be part of the overall leadership structure within our district. It’s a forum for open discussion and problem solving while giving all stakeholder groups (administrators, parents, students, staff, and the community as a whole) a real voice in decisions at the school. 

The CAG meets every six weeks during the school year and is comprised of parent and community representatives from the Fremont County School District.

CAG Purpose

Members of the CAG work together to:

  • Facilitate and encourage open communication between parents, community members, and the district
  • Create a productive environment for sharing innovative ideas and best practices for the district
  • Provide the superintendent and local school board with feedback and insight from the community’s perspective on school process, policies, and initiatives
  • Bring to the superintendent’s attention existing and emerging issues expressed by parents and the community in order to encourage student achievement and school improvement
  • Serve as an advisory group, not a decision-making body or grievance committee, that makes recommendations, encourages brainstorming, and provides opportunities for parent/community involvement
  • Provide a continuous and reciprocal forum for learning between the district and all stakeholders