Leave Request Procedures

Leave Slip Process Flow: 

FCSD2 Staff Leave Request 2016-2017

Professional, Sick, Vacation, Personal, Other (e.g., Jury Duty, Bereavement, etc.)

1. Leave Request Initiated by employee ... Send to Building Principal (Drivers send to Denny)
2. Review:      By Building Principal ... Send to Superintendent If not approved: leave slip returned to employee
3. Substitute: Search/Absence Log .. performed by Building Secretary
4. Review: By Superintendent ... Send to Payroll, copy returned to employee.If not approved: leave slip returned to building/employe
5. Payroll: Benefit hours deducted from employee leave balance hours and displayed on paycheck, leave request filed for accreditation/audit

Note 1: If Professional Leave is requested, accreditation/WDE audit requires Leave Request to match a completed Travel Request with Summary

Note 2: If Sick Leave or other emergency leave, process may be done after-the-fact

Note 3: If no Leave Request has been processed through the Superintendent’s office that matches leave documented on Time Sheet or Building Absence Log, the employee will be requested to submit a leave request after-the-fact
Jo Ellen McCabe,
Aug 19, 2016, 11:18 AM